Gynaecologist – ANGOLA

CUAMM – Angola – Doctors with Africa CUAMM is the first NGO in the healthcare area officially recognized in Italy. Founded in 1950 with the aim of training doctors to work in developing countries, CUAMM is working in Angola, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda implementing healthcare projects in partnership with local governments and institutions. Doctors with Africa CUAMM does not tolerate any abuse, exploitation or violence against vulnerable children and adults, nor other behaviour that does not respect human dignity from its own staff, partner staff or other staff associated with the NGO. JOB TITLE: Gynecologist / surgeon with obstetric skills JOB LOCATION: Angola, Chiulo Hospital START DATE: January 2021 DURATION: 4 months REQUIREMENTS University Degree in Medicine and Surgery with further specialisation or equivalent title in Gynecology or Surgery Good knowledge of written and spoken Portuguese Solid experience in obstetrics and gynecology Previous experience in developing countries Adaptability to live and work in a rural area KEY DUTIES The MD with obstetric skills is responsible for the Maternity. The specific tasks are: Provide technical assistance in the obstetric-gynecological field, through direct clinical performance and the supervision of local staff Collaborate with other hospital doctors to ensure the regular functioning of the hospital in all its components Training and mentorship directed to medical and nursing staff in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Chiulo Hospital, through on the job training and formal training Collaborate in the collection and analysis of hospital data, in order to evaluate the quality of the obstetric, neonatal and gynecological services provided Define and implement a plan to improve the quality of obstetric and neonatal services Participate in the progressive introduction of methods and procedures for the management of obstetric emerge… – Permanente – Horário completo