HSE Technician Drilling

Grupo Epalmo – Luanda – Participate actively with the OSL in hazard studies and risk assessments/analysis for the safe program execution of operations; Management of change, and/or in SIMOPS and/or Downgraded Situations. Synergy Champion for PCP: Develop a thorough working knowledge of the STRE@M Synergy reporting system; Develop tools extractions, monitoring, quality data synergy, follow up of closing items, analyzing trends data with support to Head of HSE & OSEL. Participate actively and positively to all HSE Audits onshore and offshore; Participate actively for all Operation Discharge Management Plan / Waste Management Plan Audit and Inspections; Develop leadership skills and take an active part in site activity planning meetings in a daily, tour and "toolbox" basis; Develop the "management-by-walking-around "concept through self-motivation Participate with the Rig Site Safety Advisor and OSL to perform periodic audits Drilling contractor PTW System correct execution Study and familiarize with root cause analyses of incident investigations & High Potential Anomaly NMI, Accident/incident investigation jointly with the CTR, & close out follow up. Assist and advise to ensure timely & correct follow-up reporting on events, incidents, accidents, anomalies Ensure HSE performance monitoring and the related benchmarking of KPl's are in place, well known and followed Drilling & Wells Monthly & Annual report: prepare and issue the PCP Monthly report and Annual report to PCP, DHSAP. Reporting to DHSAP: Provide Man-hours and Stop cards report every end of the month, man-hours in Synergi by the 5th of each month, End of Well reports, and quarterly HSE training status. Provide KPIs and other data requested by DHSAP, ACT etc… such as: Audits conducted for the month, SQMs conducted, ABC Program data, HSE Training : Induction HSE of PCP personnel (every Thursdays @ 14h00); PCP Training Company Rules deployment and follow up, updating of the training matrix at least every two we… – Permanente – Horário completo