International FFS monitoring expert

FAO – Angola – Organizational Setting In the context of the ongoing activities implemented with Farmer Field Schools (FFS) in Angola, FAO will provide a technical assistance to the Government of Angola, in the context of the project: UTF / ANG / 059 / ANG “Smallholder Agriculture Development and Commercialization Project (SADCP) of Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MINAGRIP) in Bié, Malange and Huambo provinces. The target expected is to achieve 4.000 FFS (120.000 farmers). The project was declared effective in December 2016 and recently received a non-cost extension until December 31st, 2021. The Project Development Objective is to increase smallholder agriculture productivity, production and marketing for selected crops and targeted beneficiaries in the project area of Bié, Huambo and Malanje and aims to scale-up the FFS approach to rural extension methodology in the central highlands of Angola. The MOSAP II project (FAO Component) is implementing partner to scale up the extension services provided to farmers through the Farmers Field School (FFS) approach. The FFS component is including (1) training of master trainers, (2) elaboration of an enhanced training curriculum, and (3) setting up new FFS in the project area. FAO is implementing partner for the predecessor programme of the MOSAP II, developing the capacity to implement FFSs in the 3 provinces. FAO is training 105 Master trainers, developing an updated training curriculum that will include new topics of relevance such as climate change adaptation, soil health management and social topics; and is supporting the follow up of existing 690 and creation of 4.000 new FFSs with participation of 142.000 farmers. The FFS activities will ensure that participation of women will be at least 50%, reflecting their responsibilities in family farming Under these premises, FAO Angola plans to recruit an International FFS monitoring expert. Reporting Lines The international consultant will work under the direct supervisio… – Permanente – Horário completo


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