Grupo Epalmo – Luanda – ESTIMATED SERVICE DURATION: 8 WEEKS   Activities Main responsibilities of the SURF offshore Company Representative OFFSHORE are: to ensure COMPANY HSE standards are applied by SURF Contractor throughout the operations. to participate to hazard assessments chaired by SURF CTR. to ensure proper implementation of the emergency procedures by SURF CTR to be the SURF Contractor's focal point for day to day activity offshore In coordination with the SURF Installation Team based in Luanda and Paris:  Participate to the SURF CTR team mobilization offshore Follow-up of offshore operations and highlight any event having a potential impact on the operation to SURF Package management (with a particular focus on safety and planning) When operation constraints result in a change to the SURF planning, provide SURF package management with objective information that will be used for the resolution of commercial / schedule discussions with the contractor Assist on daily meeting and report In charge of preparing the daily report and activity look-ahead  Main activities of the SURF offshore Company Representative offshore are: To act as Company Project representative onboard the FPSO To issue to SURF management daily progress reporting and activity look-ahead To participate to daily coordination meeting with SURF Contractor To participate to pre-operation hazard assessment To follow the Contractor activities onboard To ensure coordination with offshore teams To ensure coordination with Zinia FPSO package teams when necessary To organize personnel and material demobilization from offshore site to onshore when it is under Company responsibility  Main communication lines of the SURF offshore Company Representative offshore are: PBF SURF Installation leader PBF SURF Zinia 2 Package leader PBF SURF Package Manager  Context and environment The PBF (Project brown field) entity is in charge all brown field project on Block 17 which compris… – Permanente – Horário completo